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Specification BST Screw Thread of Thick Steel BSP Screw Thread of Thin Steel Metric thread Germany Standard Pipe Thread
  Metric System British Standard Pipe Thread(BSP)
φ6   G1/4″ C13 M14×1.5 PG7
φ8 5/16″ G3/8″ C15 M16×1.5 PG9
φ10 1/4″ G3/8″ C15 M16×1.5 PG9
φ12(13) 3/8″ G3/8″ C19 M20×1.5 PG11/PG13.5
φ15(16) 1/2″ G1/2″ C19 M20×1.5/M24×1.5 PG1.35/PG16
φ20(19) 3/4″ G3/4″ C25 M27×2/M30×2 PG21
φ25 1″ G1″ C31 M33×2/M36×2 PG29
φ32 1/1/4″ G1/1/4″ C39 M42×2/M48×2 PG29
φ38(40) 1/1/2″ G1/1/2″ C51 M48×2/M60×2 PG36/PG42
φ51(50) 2″ G2″ C63 M60×2/M72×2 PG48
φ64(70) 2/1/2″ G2/1/2″ C75 M76×2  
φ75(80) 3″ G3″   M88×2  
φ100 4″ G4″   M114×2  
φ125 5″ G5″   M140×2  
φ150 6″ G6″   M164×2


Material: gavanize steel or Stainless Steel or Aluminum alloy also available.
Type: insert connector type

Application: Flexible connector making parts for easy connected with flexible pipe.
Ferrule Size: Follow with flexible connector or pipe  fitting size, as 1/2 inch to 2 inch.


    Zinc alloy flexible pipe die cast Male watertight conduit fitting is made of high quality zinc alloy coation iron. The surface has been galvanized and chrome plated. Special treatment could be made upon special requirements.

The size can be adapted according to the requipment, case body, steel pipe, the diameter flexible conduit and thread. Oen end connects to the flexible conduit or steel pipe at one end and toe outer thread connection switching box, motor and shelved at the other end.