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Squeeze Connector Elbow-ZINC
CAT# Size
SCN-50E 1/2"
SCN-75E 3/4"
SCN-100E 1"
SCN-125E 1-1/4"
SCN-150E 1-1/2"
SCN-200E 2"
Squeeze Angle Connectors

Material: Zinc Die-cast

Size: 3/8”—2”

Field Names:

Snap-in connector, snap-lock connector, quick-snap connector, flex connector, flex metal conduit connector, snap in BX connector, snap in MC cable connector. squeeze angle connector


These quick connectors are used to connect flexible metal conduits to boxes, enclosures, lighting fixtures and other appliances. Available in a variety of styles, straight and 90°, they can be screwed into flexible

metal conduits or clamped on the outside of jackets.